Our sale of a stake in the house is now Complete.
Investors: stay tuned for enhanced visualization of profit results.
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(100.00%) 5000.000000 LTC of 5000.000000 LTC

The Deal

Following many requests to add virtual currencies, we have taken heed and now include Litecoin as a betting option. For the launch, we are selling verifiable stakes in our profit of SatoshiBones/LTC. Here is how it works.

We are selling 10% of all future profits of Satoshibones/LTC for 5000LTC. We will use these funds to increase our max bet and increase profits. If we ever sell the game, we will pay stake holders proportionally.

If we don't sell the entire stake by the end of the month, we will still pay out 10% of the profits to the stake holders.

Earn Monthly

At the end of each month we will take any profits from the game and send 10% of them proportionally to these stake holders. This will continue for the life of the game. We won't deduct server costs or marketing. We will hold any payments smaller than 0.05 LTC.

If we come out behind, we will carry these losses over to the next month. Each month we will post a report to help you verify. Profit and payments can be verified with the block chain!

Get Your Stake

Buy as much as you like.
(eg. 500 LTC will get you 1% of gross profit)
Minimum stake purchase: 1.00000000 LTC

Send LTC to the address below to purchase. Testing your wallet's compatibility with a small bet prior to any large stake purchase is highly recommended. We will confirm you as a stakeholder by sending a small amount of LTC to your address.

Have fun! This is a game! This will be an adventure.

Stake Purchasing Address: STAKE PURCHASE COMPLETE


Stakeholder Address Amt Purchased Percent of House
LRCoQgAPhzSp8xat3T89hXe4U5wVt9sF5H 2501.000000 LTC 5.002000 %
LaNPRJ5aYiwLE29tsLuoxSYmpNDL1HozB4 1050.011000 LTC 2.100022 %
LcdfmcMSPxLRoXv7v6QAAwYLg4HUs5A1Sp 1000.000000 LTC 2.000000 %
LYFppWjFpxDFwNRLCXCNcbPnLoVo2jtXxu 100.000000 LTC 0.200000 %
LZtfkksL3KQCeHGmGxNdptN2pjJ9dvGRoB 70.000000 LTC 0.140000 %
LTfDcY93LSuyVJDdNRSg6auNsMC22QM9QV 63.775510 LTC 0.127551 %
LWqEXq2twv3QyatHf2uQzAVVemMWZM9zND 50.000000 LTC 0.100000 %
LXq22WJDQSJqSqqRC2JdhkrsBd7Z89XdRX 49.000000 LTC 0.098000 %
LMAJYY9fTwUB42myMsC2nr4U7rka3SoXMM 21.712490 LTC 0.043425 %
LV6HAUWH6x1GvvRoMpv46b12wMak7WyN77 14.400000 LTC 0.028800 %
Lfbzt5bAy25hQdUFGjf4R9ijC7BHzytYhP 12.000000 LTC 0.024000 %
LY4RcjXzvm5cfThotzMbyvx9eKsx5rj6zB 12.000000 LTC 0.024000 %
LQdMYkFb3hzgH3nPX4aezTjGdg82DS2iYq 12.000000 LTC 0.024000 %
LN7xuvnPwGzU6bdmk35CSdGza1uCNMd4cq 10.001000 LTC 0.020002 %
LVg8j1Pn1AFFb3XyaFtSvTFz6n3xLfZEkx 10.000000 LTC 0.020000 %
LN7RBwhXPfoStCHrK98VdydnUTs6ene9QY 7.000000 LTC 0.014000 %
LYRCrbCb1T4QPBdNLUmQsphuPVWmAH5wVj 6.000000 LTC 0.012000 %
Ld6hC8efD75erbKnu17tzhwycCVfyWzLM6 5.000000 LTC 0.010000 %
LP1Vqp9pZw9JVTad1ABGwTV4Mg84JdeHoL 2.000000 LTC 0.004000 %
LKeZrm2xdRCz2UsPTPstFpzBgBBcBF1BTF 1.100000 LTC 0.002200 %
LRU16o1NMQMjeD3DgiPunHPiAFd6pkso3z 1.000000 LTC 0.002000 %
LMxjfHU9kckrZjdPaGWD4TGdniYjzHtShV 1.000000 LTC 0.002000 %
LcTQPUAAoqNNc5hs4m2nMZYajD32KrZXpq 1.000000 LTC 0.002000 %