How To Play

Each numeric bet has a unique and fixed probability of win. The "win odds" row just below the bet number is the chance of winning any given bet. If your roll is less than the bet name, you win. The mulitplier is the factor your bet will be multiplied by on a win.


Wallet Compatibility


This means Coinbase, bitstamp, btc-e ... any kind of wallet where you do not control the bitcoin keys.


Ensure the wallet uses the same address(es) to send as to receive. This is not the case with coinbase for example because they pay your transaction fee, meaning they include their own bitcoins in your transaction.

If you choose to use a wallet which is not on the list of compatible wallets, please use caution.


To allow unconfirmed transactions to be processed as bets, we must require the player to send network fees sufficient to ensure all mining pool operators will accept the transaction.

Fees must be over 0.0001 BTC per KB.

Currently this means at least 0.0001 btc per KB of data in the transaction.

Transactions may be held based on risk criteria until confirmed. Double spending results in immediate ban. All confirmed transactions will pay out unless banned.

Losing bets will pay out at 0.005 times the bet amount.

Payouts will subtract the network fee from the payout amount. If the transaction is of insufficient size to be accepted by the bitcoin network after the fee, the transaction will be held and the payout set to 0.